GUSTAVO 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, Atlas Peak-Newly Released!

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The 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon Atlas Peak, a high elevation varietal grape producing a deep concentrated color. A wine that is bright, plush and vibrant. Aromas of black cherry layered in anise, cassis, blackberry, and briar patch. Accented with mature fruit on the palate and delivering shadows of subtle flavors to support this full bodied, richly textured wine. The wine is well balanced with firm round tannin and bright acidity for a lengthy finish. Aged 28 months in 30% new french oak extra tight grain barrels and 70% in once used french oak extra grain barrels.

In the 2014 vintage we experienced an early harvest having awesome concentration of high fruit quality and great wine grape crop. In February and March, the rainfall was 10-20 inches delaying critical pruning operations. This amount of rain delayed the pruning operations, and skilled vineyard workers looked for work with larger vineyard companies leaving small to medium vineyard management companies with a shortage of workers. The warmer spring weather triggered unexpected consequences as we had incomplete pruning and weed abatement operations while trying to protect young buds during bud break. While the daily average temperatures increased by 3-7 degrees higher than average, it was just the perfect balance for the vine and vineyard practices to reach normalcy because there was a late season hailstorm and colder temperatures. Through all of this, the fruit held up well. Napa Valley’s micro-climates experienced a heat spike while another had a frost alert. The winemakers becomes focused as this unusual grape growing season would be a challenge.The sparkling wine harvest started on the last days of July and all harvest activities were ending by the third week of October. 

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