GUSTAVO 2016 Cinsault Rosé, Sonoma County - $35

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The 2016 Cinsault Rosé, grown at the base of the Sonoma Mountain AVA range produced a light medium ruby color with aromas of ripe cherry, pomegranate, and hibiscus perfume. It is gentle and silky on the palate with flavors of red cherry, cranberry, and strawberry. A soft mature tannin with moderate acidity is joined for a flavorful and balanced long finish. Aged 24 months in stainless steel barrels to allow the young underage skin and seed tannin to develop the aroma and flavors into a lengthy finish on their own.

The 2016 vintage needed to be a perfect grape growing season to rebound from the small, but high quality 2015 season. Rain was scarce during February and March, as well as the anticipated freezing weather resulted in an early bud break. Our skilled vineyard crew were quick and thankful for the early and continuous employment. A lesson learned from the 2014 vintage may be that many small Vineyard Management Companies were successful at managing the consequences of Mother and Human Nature. The warm and dry weather during spring and early summer conditions presented the vines a healthy vine canopy to balance the fruit set and ripening. A surprise cool summer of moderate temperatures during the morning and evenings is vital to the vines as this lengthens the growing season to make a great grape vintage. The sparkling wine harvest begins by the end of August, about two weeks later than 2015 and a month later than the 2014 harvest. Along the way a few heat spikes improve the maturity of the grapes and harvest progress into October and ending by the last week of the month. Winemakers receive an unexpected volume increase and the 2016 vintage is one with great balance of flavor and resolved tannin.

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