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“Brambila’s story and others are the focus of “Harvest Season,” a new PBS documentary examining the contributions of Mexican Americans in the wine industry of California’s Napa Valley.”
— The New York Times

HARVEST SEASON delves into the lives of people who work behind the scenes of the premium California wine industry, during one of the most dramatic grape harvests in recent memory.

The film follows the stories of Mexican-American winemakers and migrant workers who are essential to the wine business, yet are rarely recognized for their contributions: veteran winemaker Gustavo Brambila, Mexican migrant worker René Reyes, and wine entrepreneur Vanessa Robledo.

Harvest Season successfully stitches together vignettes of daily life for migrant workers and positions them next to stories of Mexican-American wine entrepreneurs whose roots run deep in Northern California.

Their stories unfold as wildfires ignite in Napa and Sonoma counties in October of 2017, threatening the livelihoods of small farmers and winemakers who are already grappling with a growing labor shortage, shifting immigration policies, and the impacts of a rapidly changing climate.

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Left: Gustavo Brambila

Right: Director Bernardo Ruiz

Director - Bernardo Ruiz


Bernardo Ruiz is a two-time Emmy® nominated documentary filmmaker and member of the Academy. He was born in Guanajuato, Mexico and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. His directorial feature debut, Reportero, (POV, 2013) about attacks on the press in Mexico premiered at Full Frame (U.S.), IDFA (Europe) and Ambulante (Mexico).

New York Magazine called it “a powerful reminder of how journalism often requires immense amounts of physical and psychological bravery.”


"It is more observant than crusading...rooted in first-rate journalism.” The New York Times called it “unforgettable.”

Ruiz stays on location to document the rebuilding process—making sure to recognize the efforts of these communities that have long been the backbone of one of California’s most important industries.

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