Memorable Wines & Times with GUSTAVO Wine!

COVID-19 UPDATE 3-3-2021:

Gustavo Wine

Our Oxbow Tasting Room is open for INDOOR (less 25% occupancy), please call for Availability & OUTDOOR (patio heating, best to call for availability) Tastings & as Always, Curbside Pick UP!

Please Call To Book Your Appointment TODAY!!!


Winery Office Hours: 

Tuesday-Thursday 9am-4:30pm

Friday- Please call!

**Frontal Cranial Temperatures and Masks are required before entering both the Napa Oxbow Tasting Room and our Winery & Production Facility!


And of course, Shipping is available throughout the United States....
Our online shop will continue as normal and we will enthusiastically fulfill your orders so that you can still enjoy a great glass of Gustavo Wine.  

As always, we are incredibly thankful for you all and please call or email for further help.

Here's to good health, safety, and unity!
Gustavo & JoAnn Brambila
We would love to meet you, your Family & Friends! Two locations to choose from!
Or perhaps you'd like to meet the Legendary Winemaker, himself? 
Schedule a private Barrel Tasting and/or Cheese Pairing with our Beloved Gustavo Brambila!


Oxbow District Tasting Room:  1021 McKinstry Street, Napa, CA 94559
Hours: TBA            
Wine Flights Offered:
  • CLASICO FLIGHT of 4-$20
  • GUSTAVO FLIGHT of 5-$35
  • SELECT FLIGHT of 7-$45
Wine By The Glass:
  • Red $9-$26
  • White $8-$15
Wine By The Bottle:
    *CLASICO FLIGHT: Honors Napa Card, Cellar Pass, Facebook and Yelp discounts when presented prior to the tasting
    10% Discount on Selected Wines
    10% Discount for group tastings 2-8 persons 
    2 For 1 Discount from selected tasting menu:
    • Clasico Flight 
    • Signature Flight 
      Newly Offered Tasting Options at our Downtown Napa Oxbow Tasting Room, Reservations required: 1021 McKinstry St., Napa, CA 94559                                 
      Private Wine Tasting + complimentary cheese plate: $50 per person 
      Private Wine Tasting with Gustavo + complimentary cheese pairing: $75 per person
      Private Tastings offered at Winery & Facility Productions , Reservations required: 902 Enterprise Way, STE P, Napa, CA 94558                                  

      Private Wine Tasting + complimentary cheese pairing and barrel taste: $60 per person
      Private Wine Tasting with Gustavo + complimentary cheese pairing and barrel taste: $85 per person

      Looking to host a birthday, Winemaker Dinner, Rehearsal, or Corporate Event...please contact us for further information!
      • Phone:  707-257-6796 (Tasting Room)
      • Phone: 707-666-2222 (Winery Office) 
      • email:
      • Laura Brambila, Tasting Room & Wine Club Director                                                                          
        Please call/text or email as we would be happy to assist you!