Purchasing & Shipping for Gustavo

    1. Where can Gustavo's wine be purchased?  We are a Small Family Owned & Operated Winery and produce 2300-3000 cases a year. Therefore, currently we are direct to consumer, and would love for you to purchase wines from our website, gustavowine.com or if you’d prefer to order over the phone, please call the Wine Tasting Room (operating hours 1pm-5pm) at (707-257-6796) or Laura Brambila, Tasting Room & Wine Club Director (707-815-9155) to place your order.  Wines may also be purchased in our Oxbow Tasting Room or Winery & Production Facility located in Napa, CA.
    2. Do we ship Internationally?  Unfortunately we do not at this time.  However, if you were to purchase our wines, we do know of an International Shipping company that may be able to assist you with such requests.
    3. Do we ship to Canada?  Yes.  Please call and place your purchase via phone.
    4. Which transportation companies are used? UPS, GSO & FedEX
    5. Does this package require a signature?  Yes, You must be 21 years of age to sign for this package.
    6. May we ship to a business? Yes.
    7. May we ship to a P.O. Box? Unfortunately no.
    8. May we ship to a FedEx or UPS location? Yes. Please make sure arrangements have been made prior to receiving.
    9. If shipping to a FedEx or UPS location, will someone of legal age (21+yrs) need to pick up? Yes. We are legally bound to label your package (i.e. contains alcohol).
    10. Once purchased, when should I receive my tracking number?  Please allow 1-3 business days to process your order.  Once processed a tracking number will be emailed to you.
    11. When will I receive my wine? Delivery dates are based on which state you are shipping wine to. Please allow 3-7 Business days for your wine to be delivered.
    12. Should I pay for expedited shipping?  If your wines are needed for a specific date, it may be best to do so, but not always necessary. If you'd like an estimated date of arrival, please email/text/call: info@gustavowine.com, 707-257-6796, 707-666-2222 or Laura Brambila 707-815-9155. ***Please note: Shipping may be delayed due to extreme weather conditions. Your designated carrier may place a weather hold on your shipment until it's safe to ship your delicious wines!  Please know: We are committed to making sure your precious cargo arrives to you ready for consumption, so do not hesitate to call/text/email for weather updates! Once your wine has shipped an email will be sent to you which includes the tracking information and possible delivery date. Please note: If you are unavailable to receive your wine on the selected date, you may request either an address change, date change, or make special arrangements with your designated carrier. (i.e. UPS, FedEx, GSO, etc).
    13. Having Cart Trouble? Currently we are updating our operating system, which will NOT COMPROMISE YOUR SECURITY!!!  Please know: We have invested monies in our system to keep YOUR PROTECTION ONE OF OUR TOP PRIORITIESPlease note: We are performing regular maintenance which MAY CAUSE A GLITCH WHEN ADDING WINES TO YOUR CART WITH YOUR MOUSE/CURSOR...please add quantities in appropriate box and HIT ENTER ON KEYBOARD!  Or We Would LOVE to Assist you over the phone, email, text, whichever works best for you! 

Email: info@gustavowine.com, Oxbow Tasting Room: 707-257-6796, Winery Office: 707-666-2222