GUSTAVO 2013 Zinfandel Sonoma Mountain - $55

High natural tannin, acidity, and color for robust structure wine. Complex wine, dark cherry, black plum, black pepper, earthy, and mineral aroma and flavor. High natural tannin, acidity, and color. Unique wine crafted to Gustavo Wine style.

Winemaker's Notes
  • Zinfandel 2013 Sonoma Mountain Sonoma County-100%
  • Aged:  26 months
  • Oak:  tight grain French Oak barrels
  • Alcohol:  14.6% by Vol.
  • Serving Temperature: 58 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cellaring Wine: 5+ years (temperature controlled 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit)

    Production:  64 Cases
    Retail $55